The 5-lake hike is open but currently snow-covered

Foundation "Pizol mit Herz"

Roman and Elisa Lenherr from Tübach set up the foundation "Pizol mit Herz" in 2010 to promote and increase the attractiveness of the Pizol mountain experience.

The former entrepreneur Roman Lenherr has made a name for himself as the founder of Leomat AG with high-quality drinks and snacks machines. Leomat AG produces in-house developed Swiss vending machines in Tübach (SG) and distributes Swiss products.

The tourist region of Pizol is a special concern of Roman Lenherr. In 2009, Lenherr drew CHF 1 million of equity capital for the realisation of the new Wangs gondola lift. In 2010, Lenherr founded the "Pizol mit Herz" Foundation, which was allocated with assets worth CHF 1 million.

Purpose of the Foundation

  • Promotion and support of charitable and public tasks in the summer and winter tourism area of Pizol
  • Contributions to cultural, educational, sports and charity institutions
  • Planning and realisation of the opening up of hiking trails
  • Non-profit additional offers in the tourist region of Pizol

Previous projects of the "Pizol mit Herz" Foundation

Kaufen Sie ein Packet «Kafi Pizol mit Herz»

Unterstützen Sie die Stiftung «Pizol mit Herz» durch den Kauf eines Packets exklusivem Pizol Premium Bohnenkaffe. Der «Kafi Pizol mit Herz» ist direkt online oder an der Talstation erhältlich. Der Kaffee kostet an der Talstation CHF 8.30 für 500g und CHF 16.50 für 1kg. Der Verkaufserlös vom «Kafi Pizol mit Herz», fliesst in das Stiftungskapital.

Kafi Pizol mit Herz

Kafi Pizol online bestellen

Donations to the Foundation

Support the "Pizol mit Herz" Foundation by making a donation! The Foundation is non-profit and the donations can be deducted from your taxes.

Donations account: Raiffeisenbank Sarganserland, 8887 Mels
IBAN no.: CH78 8128 1000 0079 1100 8

The sales proceeds from the "Kafi Pizol mit Herz", which is available at the Pizolbahnen AG valley stations, are also allocated to the Foundation’s capital.


Foundation Roman Lenherr
«Pizol mit Herz»
c/o Leomat AG
Wiesenstrasse 2
9327 Tübach