Please see our mountain summer report on the open hiking trails.

5-Lake Hike

One of the most popular hikes in Switzerland. Five crystal clear mountain lakes and glimpses of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona characterize this route.

The 5-lakes-Hike is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountain hikes in Switzerland. High above the timberline, a mountain trail winds through the ever-changing alpine landscape, passing five mountain lakes - each with its own unique character. From the lovely Wangsersee on the Pizol plateau, the trail continues to the second lake, the striking turquoise Wildsee with the Pizol glacier and peak in the background. Followed by the dark Schwarzsee, the Schottensee as the third lake shines in a deep strong blue. Finally, the trail leads past the greenish, romantic Baschalva Lake.

On the hike it is worthwhile to look in all directions. Along the entire route, new fascinating views of the Glarus and Grisons mountains, the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance open up again and again.

Important notes

Please note the mountain summer report where you will find the latest information about the condition of the hike.

We strongly recommend to start the hike at 11:00 at the latest. Please note that you have to be at the Gaffia chairlift at 16:30 or at the Pizolhütte at 16:00, otherwise you will miss the last descent. The last descent with the gondola from Furt is at 17.30. After that there is no more transport by the Pizolbahnen AG.

The 5-lakes-Hike is a high alpine hike with three strenuous ascents and descents. In the upper part it leads through scree and rock sections, which require hiking boots with a good profile.

Protection dogs are expected to be in use on Alp Gaffara during the first two weeks of August 2021. The dogs will be leashed in the morning and only allowed back to the sheeps in the evening. This means that there is no risk to hikers during the day. If someone is near the alp early in the morning, late in the evening or at night, caution is advised (e.g. when bivouacking).

Hiking bus

In summer, when the weather is fine and the chairlifts are in operation, a free shuttle bus runs between the valley stations in Wangs and Bad Ragaz from 2:00 p.m. to bring you comfortably back to your starting point if you return to the valley on the other side. There is no fixed timetable, just register at the ticket office.